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Outpatient Adult services at PIWThe Psychiatric Institute of Washington’s Outpatient Clinic provides quality care and treatment in the most efficient manner and least restrictive environment. Our mission is to provide quality mental health services within the community and promote opportunities for personal growth and potential, regardless of an individual’s race, gender, creed, religious affiliation, age or sexual orientation.

What is the best treatment option for you?

Finding the appropriate treatment option is the first step on the path to emotional recovery. PIW’s Outpatient Mental Health Clinic offers a full spectrum of behavioral health services to ensure that clients and the community have access to the least restrictive level of care, focusing on stabilizing patients and improving their quality of life.

During the initial evaluation process, the most appropriate services are determined to address the client’s needs at that time. If more intensive services are necessary, clients are referred to PIW’s Inpatient Services or to other programs in the region that provide the level of care needed to achieve stability.

Admissions / Make a Referral

PIW is discontinuing its current outpatient operations effective January 27th, 2017.  We are therefore not accepting any new patients and working to transition our current patients to other services.  Current patients should call the office to coordinate with our staff.  We appreciate your support as we work toward a professional transition of these services.

Services offered in our clinic include:

  • Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation: Upon referral or appointment to the Outpatient Clinic, a psychiatric diagnostic evaluation or assessment will be completed by a psychiatrist.  This evaluation will assess what psychiatric disorders are currently evident and identify other disorders that need to be ruled out. Diagnostic evaluations include information about developmental history, current and past problems associated with behavior, mood, social and, in case of youth academic functioning, and family history. Recommendations are made at the conclusion of the evaluation for services that would be most beneficial to address the identified problems.
  • Medication Evaluation/ Management: Medication evaluation and medication management are provided by a board certified psychiatrist. The purpose of a medication evaluation is to determine whether an individual could benefit from a trial of medication that would help to alleviate some or all of the symptoms known to be interfering with his/her optimal functioning. In the case of minors, if a parent/guardian agrees to have the child on medication, the medication will be prescribed and managed by the evaluating psychiatrist or under his/her supervision, except when a transfer has occurred.
  • Individual/Family/Group Therapy: Therapy services are provided by licensed professionals representing the fields of psychology, clinical social work and counseling. The type of therapy will depend, in part, on the individual’s presenting problems. Therapy generally occurs weekly until sufficient progress has occurred to decrease the frequency of sessions. Anger and stress management, coping and problem-solving skills, social skills, improved self-esteem and self-control, improved familial relationships and behavior management are among some of the common treatment goals worked on within the therapy sessions.

Our Staff

Our clinic staff is composed of a dedicated team of qualified mental health professionals- psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed professional counselors and social workers who provide specialized services to meet the needs of our community.

Contact Us

To make a referral, request a no-cost evaluation or a follow-up appointment, please call 202-885-5799.