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Services FAQs

Services FAQs

Services FAQs

PIW works to provide a therapeutic treatment experience for all of our patients. Most of our patients and their families have questions about their stay with us. The most commonly asked questions are below.

Comfortable and practical daytime clothing and sleepwear. One should avoid clothing with strings and belts and footwear with laces, as these will not be allowed on the unit. Valuables such as cash, credit cards, jewelry, electronics and keepsakes should be left home.

Yes. cell phones, cameras and other recording devices are not permitted. Sharp items such as scissors and similar personal products are considered hazardous.

The treatment team makes a decision regarding discharge date based on patient symptoms and needs. Patients are given an estimated length of stay after evaluation by the psychiatrist and input from the treatment team. This may change over the hospital stay based on individual needs.

On admission, Unit specific handbooks will be provided with information regarding schedule of groups per day, meal time, visiting hours, phone times and general orientation to the unit. You will receive the name of your staff contact person for the day and nursing staff is available 24 hours per day at the Nursing Station. Your day of programming will begin with Community Meeting attended by all patients. This meeting is your orientation for the day and outlines therapeutic groups and activities for that day. PIW encourages all patients to actively engage in treatment as the individual program schedules involving group process are designed to provide therapy and education. You will meet with your psychiatrist once per day and have the opportunity to meet with your treatment team in order to understand your individual treatment plan and goals.

  • Psychiatrist: He or she directs medication management while at PIW. You will be seen by a psychiatrist within the first 24 hours of admission and every day will have the opportunity to meet with a psychiatrist. Your psychiatrist is a member of your treatment team.
  • Social Worker/Clinical Coordinator: They will meet with you to complete a psychosocial assessment and treatment plan within 72 hours of admission. Your CC organizes your discharge plan with you, your family, and other support systems such as outpatient providers (with consent).
  • Recreation Therapist: Assists with recreational groups as tools to enhance your self-esteem, problem-solving and social skills.
  • Registered Nurse: Are responsible for daily activities and medical/emotional needs. The RNs participate in behavior management and administer medications as ordered by the physician. Your nurse is a member of your treatment team.
  • Psychiatric Technician/Psychiatric Counselors: Assist with daily activities. They supervise program groups and activities, take vital signs and accompany patients to off unit activities.

Cell phones are not permitted during your hospitalization. Unit phones and specific phone times are available and are structured around your program day. Unit specific phone numbers are available in the unit handbook

Absolutely. Rigorously enforced laws of confidentiality help protect your rights to privacy. We cannot confirm or deny your presence in our facility without your written permission.

The treatment day varies by program but there are many common elements. During the first 24 hours, a patient will have a nursing assessment, a history, physical and psychiatric evaluation. Daily treatment components include daily doctor visits and group and recreational therapy.

We are a preferred provider for most commercial insurance plans. We also accept Medicare, Medicaid, Managed Medicaid and TRICARE®. Please call our assessment or business office and they can answer your individual concerns and questions.

A Physician’s Order is required before any patient can be discharged from PIW Hospital.

All patients are required to have aftercare appointments prior to being discharged. The assigned Social Worker will coordinate with the patient and/or family to connect them to an existing provider or to refer to new services.