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Adolescent Services and Programs at PIW

Adolescent Services and Programs at PIW

Acute Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment

Psychiatric Institute of Washington, located in Washington, DC, provides inpatient mental health treatment for teens between the ages of 10 and 17. Our mental health facility features mental health counseling programs for patients who suffer from  major psychiatric disorders, depression, substance abuse and behavioral problems.

Our adolescent treatment program is highly structured to meet each patient’s special needs. We have staff on hand who specifically specialize in various psychiatric disorders and substance abuse treatments for teens.

Specialty Adolescent Treatment Program Services

The inpatient mental health for adolescents treatment from PIW provides services such as: 

  • Crisis stabilization
  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Therapy focused on issues of trust, sexuality, individuation, intimacy and acting-out
  • Intensive therapy for victims of emotional or sexual trauma
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Art and expressive therapies
  • Self-esteem groups
  • Living skills
  • Therapeutic recreation activities
  • Group therapy
  • Family support

Teen Mental Health Treatment Statistics

When it comes to mental health, it’s really important to get your loved one the care that they need. It’s not an easy decision deciding where to send your teen for inpatient psychiatric treatment. You might be asking yourself: 

  • Does your loved one need psychiatric treatment for adolescents at a psychiatric hospital? 
  • Will teen inpatient mental health treatment work? 
  • Why is inpatient treatment for a teenager important?

These are all important questions that can be answered by looking at the statistics. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly one in seven adolescents aged 10-19 experience mental illness, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) reports that almost 50 percent of all people who experience mental illness sometime in their life showed symptoms before the age of 14. 

Being a teen can be tough, but being a teen with an untreated mental health issue can make things much worse for the future. The earlier your loved one can attend inpatient adolescent treatment or teen acute psychiatric care from an adolescent psychiatric program, the better. 

Common Mental Health Warning Signs for Teens

Psychiatric issues can get worse over time for teens, but mental health is not simply the presence or absence of symptoms. There are variations in how teens experience symptoms that can make identification and diagnosis of mental health disorders challenging.

According to NIMH, an adolescent might need behavioral health help if they:

  • Lose interest in activities that they used to enjoy
  • Have low energy
  • Have difficulty sleeping or eating
  • Spend more time alone and avoid social activities
  • Excessively exercise, diet, and/or binge eat
  • Harm themselves (e.g., burning or cutting their skin)
  • Use alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs
  • Engage in risky or destructive behavior
  • Have thoughts of suicide

Inpatient Mental Health Treatment for Teens

It is known that adolescence is a crucial period for developing social and emotional habits important for mental well-being. Inpatient treatment for adolescents at the Psychiatric Institute of Washington can help your loved one be more than just another statistic.

Our inpatient program for teens provides around-the-clock psychiatric care for adolescent patients located in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia, area. 

When your teen is admitted, we initiate a thorough intake process to gather information regarding your child’s psychiatric symptoms, social history, and physical health.

You and your child may be interviewed separately to gather information.

The assessment information we gather will be used to develop an individualized treatment plan that includes evidence based treatment modalities. 

During their stay at the facility, We allow adolescents to talk to their family via telephone. They will have access to the unit telephone at designated times. The purpose in designating specific telephone times is to reduce the number of interruptions during groups and activities. 

The dedicated behavioral health professionals help provide adolescent inpatient mental health services that understand what your teen is going through. And, most importantly, our staff understands how mental health disorders impact teens today, tomorrow and beyond. 

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The Psychiatric Institute of Washington provides acute mental health treatment for teens facing a variety of mental health issues.

Located in Washington, DC, our adolescent mental health treatment program puts each individual teen and their mental health first, designing a treatment plan that meets their specific needs, no matter what they may be. 

Call us today to learn more about our inpatient teen mental health services at 1-800-369-2273 or contact us online